Thursday, October 2, 2014

While you were sleeping...

Collected all of my little pieces
Locked them away
Won't put them back together
Because I know there's life to be found in the destruction
Instead I keep them safe for you
They're yours if you want
Piece by piece, or all at once
I can lay them all out and frame them,
Naked from the inside out,
If that's what you need.
Just please don't hide from me.
Hideaway with me.
I'll tell you all of my secrets
And you show me what you're made of.
There's something intoxicating
About discovering a being handcrafted for mine.
All of its beasts
In all of their glory.
Watching them soften and relax under the comfort
Of knowing I was created to redefine every rendition of love ever given to you.

-LaToya Renee'

Sunday, February 23, 2014


I was never one to believe in love at first sight.
But when I first saw her we promised her lifetimes.
My soul & I.
There's no way I could have known that,
But see She was always smarter than me.
Rejecting every request of love given to me.
Because all they ever really wanted was to take away pieces of me.
And She was saving those for her.
For the one who already saw us for exactly what we were.
And perfectly loved every layer.

Grasping at limbs that always break under pressure.
I've drowned over & over trying to survive my sanity.
Do you know the way she fights with me?
The way she claws, kicks, & screams at me...
Just to get back to you?

[ be cont.]

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Summer Love

Did you really think...
That I'd stop loving you?
You must have forgotten that
Real resides here.
There was never any reason to pretend,
Not that we ever could.
You and I are the truth if there ever was one.
My feet resting in your lap
As we blow our honesty into the summer heat.
Laughing at everyone who knew no better.
Silent conversations held between our eyes,
Because words do us no justice.
No one would ever understand anyway.
Our combination is just as rare as another
Your music.
My poetry.
I mean...
I'll be damned trying to teach another
How to release the flow of me
The way you do.
Our passion ran like wildfire.
My hands still tremble at the thought of you.
And my soul still smiles from the mere touch of you.
And only God knows how bad I miss touching you.
How she begged for me.
The way you moaned when you got your first
Taste of me.
Love struck tears could never drown out
The intensity...
Of our love.
And I know you're not supposed to hold on to summer loves...
But our love began five summers ago,
And has occurred every summer since.
Did you really think,
That I'd stop loving you?

-LaToya Renee'

Friday, June 17, 2011


Intimate moments that dangle
Between the lines of
Living in the day, and
"I think I could do this forever."

Some may call it an addiction
But baby, I. Can't. Stop.
Thinking about the way you make me feel.
And, God do I love the way you feel, your

Flesh against mine
As if you could get used to this
Between you & I.
And between you & I...
This experience is almost as beautiful as music.

I know it only gets better with time,
But right now...
You and I are creating a masterpiece.

-LaToya Renee'

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sex With A Poet

In the sunset
And the sunrise
I breathe you in
Feel you out
And touch between your lines
To find... everything it is you won't say.

And my god do I want it in the worst way.
With the best of me
I can see you in the depths of me.
And I can see me giving you everything that's left of me.

Drowning in the storms we've created.
Baby girl, if you want love, let's make it.
I know you can feel my legs shaking..
But don't stop until my earth stops quaking
And I lose sense of everything that surrounds me...
Except you.

Allow me to recreate the definition of you.
Break you down
And show you things unmentionable.
Drench and then drain your embodiment.
Let me show you what it means to have sex with a poet.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

14 Days of Love: Day 2: Reality...

I finally saw you...
And it was everything I imagined.
No, it was everything I couldn't imagine....
I could never imagine.
It was real.
It was...
It was all that is right with the world,
All that is wrong with man kind,
And everything in between.
It was both heaven and hell and I...
Was stuck in purgatory.
It was sunshine & thunderstorms.
It was pleasure.
It was you...
It was me...
It was us.

-LaToya Renee'

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

14 Days of Love: Day 1: Dreams...

I close my eyes and see images of you.
I imagine the curiousity in your raised eyebrow.
The heat from the flame behind your eyes as they burn. right. through me.
The feel of your lips on my skin
The taste of your skin on my lips.
I stand close to you and smell the essence of Woman.
Baby you... define Woman.
And I'm positive you were put here to be my woman...
If only I could find you.

-LaToya Renee'