Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sex With A Poet

In the sunset
And the sunrise
I breathe you in
Feel you out
And touch between your lines
To find... everything it is you won't say.

And my god do I want it in the worst way.
With the best of me
I can see you in the depths of me.
And I can see me giving you everything that's left of me.

Drowning in the storms we've created.
Baby girl, if you want love, let's make it.
I know you can feel my legs shaking..
But don't stop until my earth stops quaking
And I lose sense of everything that surrounds me...
Except you.

Allow me to recreate the definition of you.
Break you down
And show you things unmentionable.
Drench and then drain your embodiment.
Let me show you what it means to have sex with a poet.