Sunday, December 25, 2011

Summer Love

Did you really think...
That I'd stop loving you?
You must have forgotten that
Real resides here.
There was never any reason to pretend,
Not that we ever could.
You and I are the truth if there ever was one.
My feet resting in your lap
As we blow our honesty into the summer heat.
Laughing at everyone who knew no better.
Silent conversations held between our eyes,
Because words do us no justice.
No one would ever understand anyway.
Our combination is just as rare as another
Your music.
My poetry.
I mean...
I'll be damned trying to teach another
How to release the flow of me
The way you do.
Our passion ran like wildfire.
My hands still tremble at the thought of you.
And my soul still smiles from the mere touch of you.
And only God knows how bad I miss touching you.
How she begged for me.
The way you moaned when you got your first
Taste of me.
Love struck tears could never drown out
The intensity...
Of our love.
And I know you're not supposed to hold on to summer loves...
But our love began five summers ago,
And has occurred every summer since.
Did you really think,
That I'd stop loving you?

-LaToya Renee'