Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Want.

   I Want Love... Not Just Any Love... I Want Your Love.
   I want your laugh. That joyous display of emotion that seems to bring a smile to my face even when I'm trying not to.
   I want your smile. Always accompanied by your laugh. Soulmates.
   I want your hands... the holder of my heart who always seem to manage to make just enough room for me to be pulled next to you. In your arms. Against you.
   I want your body.... against mine. The safest, yet most unsafe place for me to be... but I don't mind.
   And I want your fingers to find their way around me. Over me. Through my hair, across my lips. Down & then up my thighs. I want you to conquer every inch of me. One, two, three, four times over.
   And then I want you to allow me to conquer you. Find the spots that make you buckle under my touch. Allow me to consume every inch of you. Watch you squirm as I relish in the mess I've created. Allow the sensuous sound of your moans to influence my moans & vice versa. Let's profess our love until our bodies blend together in convulsive frenzies.
   I want your mind. Force me to broaden my horizons and push for more of myself than I ever thought myself capable of. Share with me your thoughts on both everything & nothing at all. Confide in I. For I will do you no harm. I simply find pleasure in learning you, knowing you... discovering you.
   I want you to love me. Assure me that I am the lone source of your heart's desire. That no one else possesses the ability to have you the way I do. And that you have no interest to share. Let me know that five of them cound never begin to amount to I. And if only for that reason alone, you feel no reason to entertain the hopefuls.
   I want... I want you... is that too much to ask?