Thursday, December 3, 2009

October 2009, Early Fall, Almost Full Moon

Falls here
Or so the weather man said
But I still feel her

I sense her heat
As she tries to cling on to what we had
Days when my presence
Made her shine her brightest

And her and I
We would spend hours at a time together
The world was our playground

And even when it was time for sleep
I still felt her.
A blanket shielding me from the cold.
She knew I hated the cold.

But those days are ending now.
She doesn't shine so bright now.
And when bed time comes,
She slips away with the night now.

Slipping out of my grasp
As I fall deeper and deeper
Into Autumn.

She wants me.
I see her.
Always saw her.
When the ties died down,
She would come.
Teasing me.
Showing me how jealous she was
Of the sun.

And tonight,
I will cling to her.
She will be my late night lover.
Sending me chills that I will learn to crave for.
She'll make me beg her.
Beg her to stop teasing.
Apologize for ignoring her.
Promise to never again
If she would just show me her soul.

Tomorrow... she says.

-LaToya Renee'
Written: October 3, 2009
Full Moon On: October 4, 2009